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Call Center Service

The call centre service of Global Consumer Leads provides a wide array of services, starting from outbound, inbound, telemarketing to the answering services. We set up best live agents plus back office supports to meet all the performance objectives. Our call center representatives are well trained, motivated, and skilled. They undergo regular training to meet the growing demands of the lead generation market and provide the best services.

We are 24*7 support through every possible channel such as voice calling, voice messaging, live chat, emailing, and text messaging to our list of clientele. Communication of all the agents with the customers are recorded and estimated for the improvement of our service and for ensuring the level of quality of the mediators.

We provide the best telesales solutions which include decontamination of the data of sales leads, contacting potential customers for generating perfect leads, data capturing for upcoming product sales campaigns and keeping the customer updated with the newest expansion of company.

We provide Hotkey transfer ensuring every sales call a client is receiving is only from a concerned prospect which helps to target the potential customers and the leads accurately. Our call center service focuses on the data cleansing property and generates genuine and fresh data so that any inaccuracy or duplication would not affect your business.

Moving your customers in the level of satisfaction and providing them the trust about your service is our main goal. Our lead generation experts are well trained in customer handling take proper care of the brand image to achieve the desired goal.

Taking all the neccesary information from the customers for the ideal lead generation is another important goal of our calling agents which helps the company to get perfectly qualified leads. Through our outbound and inbound telemarketing we generate leads for various businesses such as for insurance leads, health insurance leads, mortgage leads and real estate leads, etc.