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Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is the practice of analyzing the feature of data in a data resource, physically approving/refusing the propositions by the system, and by this means modifying the data. Data cleansing in Data Quality Services (DQS) comprise a computer-assisted procedure that evaluates how data could be traditional to the knowledge in an information base, and an interactive process that enables the data steward to analyse and modify computer-assisted process results, to ensure that the data cleansing is accurate.

The data cleansing service provided by Global Consumer Leads ensures the integrity of your customer and business data. We clean our data not only by matching the data's with the industry files also we rank all the contacts for providing an effective and efficient list based on live interactions with the customer and preference their understanding.

Our central processes will scrutinize your data for deficiency and apply changes and augmentations, where these are probable to convey your data quality up to a satisfactory level.

Garry Menenzes

My business has leaped to a different level all together. Its all about the quality fo leads we received. Thanks to Global Consumer Leads.










Our data cleansing procedure comprises

Recognize and flag replica records. Beyond distinctive duplication scrutiny based on a particular
      data point (normally email), Data Cleansing also reviews other contact and business specific
      information to help associate and recognize your duplicate records.

Append and restore deficient and inaccurate records. Data Cleansing standardizes all of your
      company and financial credit information, and absolute missing data including production phone
      and mailing address. Additionally, the resolution will append and improve your reports with the
      key firm graphic records.

Examine and score email deliverability of each single message address. Critical elements for
      booming campaigns, Data Cleansing score the deliverability of every email address to
      guarantee your statement to your recipients' inbox.

Data Cleansing includes a concluding gap analysis so you'll be acquainted with what your database
      comprises of and what you have misplaced, recorded to your cleansed contacts and leads,
      and foundedon your targeted decision-making components.

      With improved, cleaned and enriched data, you bring into line your sales and marketing team
      approximately to the profits pipeline.