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Lead Generation

The first and foremost thing for any sales cycle is the Lead Generation. The significance and needs for a particular product and service of potential customer's is estimated by the process of lead generation. It helps you to find the targeted customers. Knowing the buyers' position helps the business to complete the sale competently and successfully with the accuracy, confidence and proper intelligence which is possible with the help of proper lead generation techniques.

Lead generation can bring success to any business when it is implemented properly. Global Consumer Leads generates leads based on efficient market research, lead tracking, telesales and proper channel management. We help to enlarge the number of leads that turn into feasible opportunities and results real sales.

Utilizing all the leads properly for your marketing and sales purpose the perfect lead generation plays a prominent role. Keeping in mind the beneficial side of our clients we only take the payment for the leads which present you a perfect earning. Expanding the company's footprint without any salary outflow and without adding extra sales staff is possible by qualified leads which brings the accurate sales by every seller.

Sales Lead Management :

We help you rank and prioritize your sales leads, based on which prospects are most likely to buy. Our lead generation includes developing a systematic way to evaluate your prospects' pain (the level of specific problems that the prospect needs to solve) and motivation (the prospect's eagerness to buy). This helps your sales team focus on the prospects that are most likely to buy, making for a more efficient sales funnel.

Garry Menenzes

My business has leaped to a different level all together. Its all about the quality fo leads we received. Thanks to Global Consumer Leads.







What else??

Outbound calling for the leads generation and appointments for the sales.

The online and web-based reporting of statistics, growth and all other aspects of the

Reporting of all sales conformances, lead allocation and appointment set.

Minimize re-scheduling through shared calendars appointment.

Updating the clients’ viewpoint by up to date business and contact information.