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List Rental Database

For an assessable, responsive and efficient way of improving your marketing communications, list rental is a cost efficient way to improve sales and drive traffic to your website and business. In spite of whether you would like to get in touch with customers through their phone numbers, residential addresses or even via text message, we have the right records for you .

We provide data rental suitable for all types of marketing activity from conventional mailing opportunity to emailing campaigns, telemarketing, surveys and SMS. Our database holds telephone numbers and postal data, perfect for incorporated marketing campaigns.

Our accurate lifestyle data is individually volunteered by clients. To make sure the data we bring is current, perfect and relevant we frequently review our existing clients and frequently conduct new surveys to discover our customers more prediction and to keep our data clean and efficient.

Through our exceptional knowledge of data procurement and protection we have provided our clients huge volumes of data and efficient maintenance of all those records. Our hard work at data generation and organization has created a profiled catalog of covering various divisions and verticals. Each single data point is absolute through which you can all the desired information for your business.

Garry Menenzes

My business has leaped to a different level all together. Its all about the quality fo leads we received. Thanks to Global Consumer Leads.






We perform the following functions before delivering the data's to the market

Generate data : We supply precious business data concerning the market.

Standardize data : Data composed from different resources and structured and organized in
      different format for the convenience.

Data Cleansing : All , dulications and inconsistencies in the collected data are removed.

Data Validation : Existing records are constantly updated and validated to guarantee
      accurate data so that it would not affect the productivity.